How to generate an encryption key

Learn how to generate an encryption key.

Encrypted backups allows you to encrypt your backups using asymmetric encryption. This means that your backups will be encrypted using a public key and only the person which has the private key will be able to decrypt them. If the private key is lost, you will not be able to decrypt your backups.

How to generate an encryption key

Open the Dashboard, go to the settings and choose Encryption keys in the left menu.

On the page just opened, click the button Create encryption key. Type an intuitive name to easily recognise the encryption key laster and check the checkbox that tells you to store the encryption key in a secure location.

Next, click the button Generate encryption key. The download of your private key will start.

The key must be kept safe because without it you will not be able to decrypt the backups. We don't store the private key, it's your responsibility to make sure it is safely stored.

Your encryption key was generated and it's ready to be used.

Generating multiple encryption keys

You are able to generate as many encryption keys as wanted. This is useful in case you want to use a different encryption key for each database.

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