What are Database Backups?

Overview of Database Backups


In case you host your database on a DigitalOcean/Hetzner/AWS instance and you need to backup it, native snapshots may not be the best option if the database has a lot of write operations.

To overcome this drawback, we offer a fully managed backup solution for MySQL and PostgreSQL.

Is important where I host my databases?

No. We can backup any supported database as long as the server used to create the backup has SSH enabled.

What databases are supported?

Currently we support MySQL and PostgreSQL.

Where are the backups stored?

Each plan has 5GB, 25GB or 250GB of storage included and you always have to possibility to connect your own cloud storage if you want to replace or extend the storage included in the plan.

What storage providers are supported?

We support AWS S3, Wasabi, DigitalOcean Spaces and Backblaze B2.

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