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What are Provider Snapshots?
Overview of Provider Snapshots.


A native snapshot is a backup created and stored directly inside the infrastructure of your provider.

What providers are supported?

Currently, we support the following poviders:
    AWS EC2
    AWS Lightsail
    Google Cloud Platform
    Alibaba Cloud

How a native snapshot is created and retained?

In order to create native snapshots, Weap.io uses the API provided by the cloud provider. Following the preferences of your retention policy, Weap will keep an optimal number of active snapshots.

What are the benefits of using native snapshots?

    more frequent, up to hourly backups
    more flexible retention
    choose the time when to create the snapshots
    more cost effective:
      DigitalOcean charges you 20% of the server plan to offer weekly backups. Using snapshots, you will pay only 0.05$/GB/month
      Hetzner charges you 20% of the server plan for daily backups. Using snapshots, you will pay only 0.01€/GB/month
    securely stored inside the infrastructure of the cloud provider
    simple & fast recover by restoring an existent server or creating a new one
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