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How to connect your Backblaze B2 storage

Connecting your Backblaze B2 storage to Weap.io is simple and quick.

1. Create a new Backblaze B2 bucket

Log in into your Backblaze account, select Buckets on the left menu and on the page just opened click Create a Bucket.
Give a name to you bucket to easily recognize it later.

2. Create a new Application Key

Click App Keys on the left side menu and then click Add new Application Key.
Give an intuitive name to the key and select the bucket created previously. Make sure the type of access is Read and Write.
Make sure you generate an Application Key, not a Master Application Key. If you generate a Master Application Key, it will not work.
Click Create New Key. Your key was created and the details are displayed.

3. Add the storage to Weap.io

Open your Weap.io dashboard and go to the Storages settings. Click the Add storage button, select Backblaze B2 as storage provider and fill the form with the details from the previous step.
Congratulations! Your Backblaze B2 storage was connected to your Weap.io dashboard and can be used to store your Database & File backups.