How to connect your SFTP storage allows you to store your backups on an SFTP storage.

Connect any SFTP storage

Open the dashboard, go to the storages page and click the button Add new storage.

In the modal select SFTP and fill the form with the details of your SFTP server.

  • host: the host of your SFTP server

  • user: the user of your SFTP server

  • password: the password of your SFTP server

  • port: the port of your SFTP server. 22 is the default one

Connect a Hetzner Storage Box via SFTP

In order to connect a Hetzner Storage Box, follow the same stepts as connecting any SFTP storage but fill the form with the details of the storage box.

  • host: The host of the server is found on the Storage Box details page. In our example is

  • user: The user is the first part of the host. In our example is u142873

  • password: the password you received when your Storage Box was created. In case you don't find it, you can always reset it and get a new one

  • port: the storage boxes from Hetzner are using the default SSH port which is 22

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