How to connect your AWS S3 storage

Lear how to connect your AWS S3 storage to

Connecting your AWS S3 storage is very simple and quick.

1. Create a new S3 bucket

Log in into your AWS console, open the S3 service and click the Create Bucket button. Give a name to your bucket and select a region. In our case we used weap-backups as the name of the bucket and the region eu-central-1.

The other options are ok like they are. The option Block all public access should be checked.

Scroll at the bottom of the page and click the button Create Bucket.

2. Create a new IAM user

Open the IAM service, go to the users section and click the button Add user

Give a name to the user, check the option Programmatic access and click the button Next: Permissions.

Skip the permissions page by clicking the button Next: Tags. We will not add any tag. Click the button Next: Review. Finally, click the button Create user. Save the Access key ID and Secret access key because are visible only once.

3. Attach S3 permissions to the IAM user

Again in the IAM service, search for the user you just created and open it. On the user page, click Add inline policy.

Choose the JSON editor and paste the policy below.

Replace weap-backups with the name of the bucket you created at step 1 (if you used a different name).

    "Version": "2012-10-17",
         "Statement": [
                 "Effect": "Allow",
                 "Action": [
                 "Resource": [

Click the button Review policy and give it an intuitive name. Next, click the button Create policy.

4. Add the storage to

Open your dashboard and go to the Storages settings. Click the Add storage button and fill the form with the details from the previous steps.

Congratulations! Your S3 storage is now connected to and can be used to store your Database & File backups.

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